About Us


After battling for years with three sick furkids who suffered many health issues and incurring huge veterinary bills it was time to make some changes.

They suffered extreme skin issues, ear and eye infections, one had a thyroid issue and one suffered with incontinence. They had no voice to speak for themselves and I was making decisions for them by ‘shoving’ medication down their throats. Their immune systems were so run down due to all the cortisone, antibiotics and other medication and they were relying on toxic, chemically based medication to get through each day and yet their health was not improving.


At this time they were been fed a commercial kibble diet as recommended by both the breeder and the vets.

One day out of shear desperation I did some research and found Dr Jane Fraser, a holistic vet in Durban and Dogmatters, a natural raw complete and balanced product and within no time they had seen Dr Fraser and they were on their new diet. There was no quick fix however I could see improvements daily. They were much happier and their health slowly returned to normal. Today they are bouncy little souls…. healthier and happier with a will to live longer!!